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Mactracker…a cool tool

Last week I walked into a huge tech company that had 30" Dell monitors on every developer’s desk. The obvious reaction was temptation on my part. Anyhow, I started to wonder whether my Mac Pro & Macbook Pro would suppor the high resolution it offers. Turns out the monitor needs a graphics card that supports […]

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Arabic PDF’s on Kindle DX

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle DX because I really like to read books, and I have a ton of eBooks, articles and larger websites I’d like to read through but don’t have the discipline to sit behind a screen to read. I also find it far less enjoyable to read a book (as opposed […]

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HTTP Sniffer for Mac

I’m much more accustomed to doing development on a windows machine. On windows, there is an invaluable tool that all web developers use (or should be using) to help them understand what’s happening on the HTTP pipeline. That application is called Fiddler. Since I started doing more development on my Mac, i have struggled to […]

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