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Computer Vision and OpenCV

I’ve always been aware of the subject of Computer Vision, but I always signed it off as a completely theoretical subject, or at best something that engineers in the military or nasa work on. I certainly didn’t know enough about its real-world consumer application until about a year ago I was introduced to some computer […]

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MySpaceID iPhone SDK

I recently completed the beta version of the MySpaceID iPhone SDK. The idea is to create a cocoa library that is easy for iPhone developers to start using when they want to integrate their iPhone applications with MySpaceID.  This version of the library comes with support of 3-legged-OAuth, which keeps in tune with MySpace’s devotion […]

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My first post from my iPhone

So it’s 2:30 am and in my home office I’ve been surfing the net, doing some research about OpenID and it’s footprint in the world today. I was curious how well the wordpress plugin for OpenID has gotten when I stumbled upon an article announcing the WordPress official app for iPhone. So yes, I got […]

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