Category: iOS

My Path to LinkedIn Connected

When our company Maybe was acquired by LinkedIn last year, we knew what we would be working on. LinkedIn was looking for experienced mobile engineers to work quickly on several mobile initiatives. Our startup’s reputation for moving fast in the mobile space was a natural fit. After joining in May 2013, our team launched Recruiter […]

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Thoughts on Instacast

I’ve been using Instacast for some time now to manage and listen to my podcasts. While there UX could be refined a bit, it certainly outdid Apple’s Music and (later) Podcast Apps. Today I decided to do some cross device syncing with Instacast and quickly became disappointed. I’m running version 2.x of Instacast, and syncing […]

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Mobile Persistence

Any non-trivial mobile app created these days needs to have some sort of server to back it up. If not to drive the logic of the app, a server is need to at least persist data outside of the device itself. Since connectivity & latency over mobile networks vary, this complicates our persistence strategy because […]

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