I recently completed the beta version of the MySpaceID iPhone SDK. The idea is to create a cocoa library that is easy for iPhone developers to start using when they want to integrate their iPhone applications with MySpaceID. 

This version of the library comes with support of 3-legged-OAuth, which keeps in tune with MySpace’s devotion to the "Open Stack".  The 3-legged-OAuth flow requires a redirect to the browser, so your application will go to Safari for authentication.  Although breaking away from your application does seem rather counterintuitive from a user experience, the good news is after authentication, your app will be fired up once again.  This is because the SDK takes in your iPhone URL scheme to make a callback after authentication. The other good news is, you will only have to do this one time to associate your user with his MySpaceID.  This is because the SDK stores the Access Token needed for future requests.

On top of OAuth support, the SDK comes with methods to make calls to the MySpace REST API’s.  We have full support for all the V1 and V2 endpoints. As more and more API’s get added, we will add more support.

I’ve also added a VERY simple dumb-down sample application with the SDK, just to demonstrate the OAuth flow, and a few API calls.

I have to admit that this is actually my first real cocoa/iPhone project.  I’ve had a blast picking it up, and I really like the Cocoa Touch framework.  Coming from a managed and scripting code background, I did have hiccups with memory management, but I got the hang of it eventually.  I definitely see areas of improvement to the code, and welcome any feedback.

Take a look at my code. We have open-sourced it like all the other SDK’s. Check it out here: Google Code Page MySpace Wiki Page