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HTTP Sniffer for Mac

I’m much more accustomed to doing development on a windows machine. On windows, there is an invaluable tool that all web developers use (or should be using) to help them understand what’s happening on the HTTP pipeline. That application is called Fiddler. Since I started doing more development on my Mac, i have struggled to […]

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MySpaceID SDK’s

For a few months I’ve been working the MySpace Partner Relations team to evangelize MySpaceID, MySpace’s OpenID implementation. We’ve built out 6 libraries in different languages including: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C# and AS3. I am currently working on a similar library in Objective-C that can be used for both iPhone and MAC-Native applications. The […]

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Google I/O

Google I/O had its strong points, particularly at the keynotes. It also had some weak points in that a few of the sessions I attended seemed more to be product plugs than actual technology sessions. Here is my high level summary of Google I/O App Engine Before Google Wave was announced, App Engine was the […]

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